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CAF India celebrates improved Indian generosity

World Giving Index Report launched by CAF Alliance holds good news for all of our NGO partners and corporate donors. India is growing, not only as an economy but as a generous nation too. Indians over the past year, donated more, volunteered more and bestowed random acts of kindness by helping strangers more too. All of it goes together in and as the World Giving Index, 2014 that shares interesting insights into charitable behavior of people

Conversation – New Blogging Platform from CAF India

CAF India is delighted to launch Conversation, the online blogging platform to engage with the digital community more effectively. For long, we have felt the need for an online space that people find stimulating and reciprocating to carry on the dialogue around various initiatives and programs, adopted by CAF India. Conversation is the voice of CAF India and its stakeholders committed to improving lives of millions of unprivileged fellow

Addressing Nutrition One Step at a Time

My work takes me to connect the corporate world with several social developmental causes concerning India today. Rampant malnutrition among Indian children is one of them. Although it kinds of seem unfair to favor one cause over another because every cause has something to do with comprehensive development of our nation on economic, social and environmental terms, and thus demands attention. In the last decade, CSR initiatives around children

CAF India Partners Celebrate Children’s Day

Childhood is the most fearless, creative and curious of all ages and thus works as the foundation in our lives. It is thus imperative that it is prospered through genuine efforts with right guidance, resources and direction. Children's Day is a festive reminder for everyone to recognize the delicate yet reasonable sentiments of children and work their bit towards developing and preserving their physical, mental and emotional strengths.  CAF

CAF India strengthens its CSR support

CAF India has always proactively supported its corporate partners by facilitating CSR initiatives and philanthropy. We have effectively managed several CSR initiatives over the last 15 years. The Companies Act 2013 has changed the CSR scenario in India. To meet the requirements emerging out of this new law, CAF India has strengthened the scope of its CSR support framework. In addition, we have also set up a dedicated advisory team to facilitate

CAF India Enters Coca Cola – NDTV ‘Support My School’ Season 3

Taking forward our mandate to mobilize resources for community development and engage meaningful dialogue over social issues, CAF India has partnered with Coca Cola – NDTV initiated ‘Support My School Campaign’ from 2010 to 2014. The campaign is designed to intervene on the poor conditions of schools in India, including lack of water, poor sanitation (toilet facilities) and hygiene, ill-equipped sports infrastructure and landscaping. The

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