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Road to redemption – Help Nepal rise again

It takes just a few minutes, sometimes seconds, to lose everything in your life – family, friends, property hard-earned investments and sometimes, life itself. More than 7,500 people died in the earthquake in Nepal. To think that the final figure may cross 10,000 shows us how we are all on shaky ground. The impact is much bigger than the official death toll pegged at 7,500 as on 5 May 2015. This devastating earthquake has killed the hopes

Thrilled to announce launch of new website

Before I talk further about our redesigned website. I would like to thank our partners Amazon India, Coca Cola, HCCBPL, Aircel, Walmart and esteemed board members for coming together to celebrate the launch of our much anticipated redesigned website. Welcome to our redesigned site !! After serving more than 17 years in the non-profit sector, we thought that it was time to revamp the old website and replace it with a more

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