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An inclusive city begins with not just toilets, but good toilets!

“An inclusive city is one that values all people and their needs equally.”* For any city to be inclusive, there needs to be ‘urine/potty parity’, that is, a sufficient number of toilets for all, including women and disabled citizens. The government, local bodies and agencies responsible for building a city’s infrastructure should consider this very crucial aspect while planning public spaces. The health of a city is inextricably

The Curse of Child Labour

Children are the greatest gift to humanity and hold the future of our country in their little hands. It’s horrifying that one out of every seven children around the world today is a child labourer. In India, child labour and slavery are still pernicious problems to reckon with. A considerable number of children work in factories, sew our clothes, cobble our shoes, clean our toilets, dig mine and fight wars. And these are just a few occupations

Menstruation Counts

During my days in school, I had a huge affinity for science, especially biology but could not completely comprehend the concept of the ‘menstrual cycle’. I grew up in a conservative society where ‘menstruation’ and ‘sanitary pads’ have never resonated outside the four walls. Although times have changed now and some of us like to claim that we live in a modern society, yet an extremely vital aspect of a woman’s health is treated

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