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Corporate Social Responsibility and Children’s Rights

Corporate Social Responsibility and Children’s Rights “The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children” … (Dietrich Bonhoeffer (c.1940)) The Concept of Social Responsibility of business is not a new phenomenon. It has been there since ancient times, right from Kautilya to the Gandhian notion of Trusteeship. CSR involves a commitment by a company to manage its various roles in society, as producer,


By Saibaba, Sports Coaching Foundation (SCF) Involvement in sports is the cheapest medicine for good health. Given this backdrop it is disheartening to know that India is known as the DIABETIC CAPITAL of the world. ‘Education without involvement in sports is incomplete’. Yet, an extremely high percentage of school children (especially underprivileged) in India never participated in any kind of sport. Most importantly, sport can be used

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