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Empowering children and communities for sustainable change through GAYE Payroll Giving

  CRY – Child Rights and You was born out of the belief that every individual can be the catalyst for social change. It is the power of “YOU” that drives us to do what we do for India’s children. The Give As You Earn (GAYE) program of CAF India is a testament to this belief. When employees of various corporate discover in themselves the power to bring about change by supporting the cause they truly believe in, it motivates us to

Philosophy of ‘Giving-Dāna’ in India

  “Although the pursuit of distributive justice is often thought to require a political or collective response, we should not allow this to let us off the hook when it comes to personal morality. Each of us could probably afford to give much more too private, charitable efforts to alleviate poverty and suffering. Indeed, given the failure of our political leaders to provide anywhere near an adequate response, private action has become

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