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Organic Farming ‘Greens’ the Deserts of Thar

  “Living in deserts for centuries, our people know how precious water is. Our ancestors taught us to save every single drop of water. They are more precious than pearls,” Mahavir Singh tells me while pointing to the rainwater harvesting reservoir at the demo farm run by Urmul Health Research and Development Trust at their Bajju campus in Bikaner. The farm demonstrates the best sustainable and eco-friendly, agricultural practices

Art of endurance: traditional needlework helps women of Thar overcome hardships

  The Karni Mata temple in Bikaner is a temple where rats are worshipped and fed. To see a white rat among all the black and grey rats is considered great fortune. I could not spot a white rat during my trip to Bikaner, but I would still call myself fortunate. If not the white rat (who is considered the embodiment of Karni Mata), I met several women, who have battled harsh weather, an arid terrain, stunted vegetation and a patriarchal

Here’s how Sikkim is saving its feathered friends

  Ever wondered where those sparrows went? The one that rested on your window on a hot, lazy afernoon… and the one that perched on the railing of your balcony every morning and greeted you with its pleasantries?  Our winged and feathered friends -- sparrows, vultures, Edward’s Pheasants even the finches that inspired Darwin to work out the theory of evolution, are all staging a disappearing act. And human’s have a major role to

NGO Mela Shop4Good, Gives Wings to the Dreams of Many

We all love Melas. Who doesn’t? The shopping stalls, games and a host of other fun activities are a sure shot way to lift your spirits, even as the mercury drops to nearly zero degrees. But the Shop4Good – an NGO Mela organised by CAF India at Palam Triangle, Gurugram was shopping carnival with a twist. It had a higher purpose. The initiative aims to bring together different NGOs committed for driving social change in our community and

Overcoming Disability with Flying Colours

  Disability is a matter of perception. Disabled people are not the ones, who are not ‘normal’ as per societal parameters. But real disability is not being able to find joy in life. My entire perception about disability changed since, when I visited a Green Skilling centre at Chetna - a day care centre run by Richmond Fellowship Society (RFS) India, Bangalore to do an independent evaluation of the project. The Green Skilling

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