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Maharashtra, UP villages take charge to recharge groundwater

A participatory water stewardship approach has ensured sustainable water supply for the villages Groundwater – we take it for granted, use it, abuse it. But little do we realise that the planet is slowly drying up. Increased human activity has resulted in an acute water crisis that is ruthless and unforgiving. Eighty percent of rural and urban domestic water supply in India comes from groundwater. According to  UNESCO World Water

Cancer: Why prevention is better than cure

  CAF India has supported programmes aimed at cancer screening and awareness generation among the communities to mitigate the deadly disease and reduce the incidence of cancer in India  Anish Sengupta  write about the various initiatives  Cancer is a crippling disease. It can destroy an entire family sending it down a spiral of economic and emotional turmoil. Early detection and treatment of cancer, however, can to a significant

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