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Rural MP and Chhattisgarh learn to combat Covid-19 and lockdown

The country has faced an unprecedented disaster in form of Covid -19 and the subsequent lockdown. As a result of this lockdown, public transport — railways, buses, taxis etc.— have come to a halt. The citizens are expected to come out of their houses only for essential requirements. However, the lockdown has had a ripple effect on several marginalised groups. The lockdown has triggered a reverse migration. Migrant workers from

Corona Warriors Need our Respect and Support

Healthcare workers conduct check ups for migrant workers who returned to their village in Sehore district, Madhya Pradesh India is at a critical stage in its fight against Covid-19. The coronavirus pandemic has claimed thousands of lives, shaken the governments and thrashed markets. It has, however, failed to crush indomitable sprits of the corona warriors – frontline

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