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Corporate Social Responsibility: Investing for “Social Good”

The concept of ‘responsible business’ has its roots in ancient history. About 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, King Hammurabi decided to hold builders, innkeepers or farmers responsible if their negligence caused major inconvenience to local citizens. For centuries, many socially conscientious businesses have contributed to social good for philanthropic ventures. The need for businesses to be socially responsible saw a spike with the

Nurturing the Elderly in the times of COVID

Research organizations, medical professionals, national governments, WHO and other UN bodies, corporations and philanthropic organizations are all still trying to understand the corona virus outbreak, which WHO has called as a global pandemic. However, epidemiologists are certain about one thing – the pandemic has just begun and we all have a long way to go before it is contained. Amidst all this chaos and noise, some voices are lost

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