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‘The plight of people moved me, and the heroic efforts of frontline workers inspired me to support COVID Relief work’

Manvi Bisla, a Grade 10 student of GD Goenka Global School, NOIDA, has successfully raised Rs. 52,000/- to support CAF India’s COVID relief campaign. In an interview with Vani Nigam, Manvi talks about her achievement and vision.  1) How would you describe yourself? What are the kinds of things that interest you? Answer:  I believe that I have always been kind, generous, considerate and compassionate. I enjoy reading and

7 ways to take care of your Mental Health during the pandemic

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and its havoc-wreaking implications, we have all been confined to the bounds of our homes. The pandemic has successfully assembled an array of hurdles for humankind to battle, including a massive healthcare crisis and a global economic slowdown among others. Amidst such onerous circumstances, our actions and experiences are getting moderated by the spells and strains of the Novel Coronavirus. In India, the

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