Kartik Ayer

Deputy Head, Strategic Partnerships

S.Kartik Ayer has development experience in Asia while working across sectors for non-governmental organisations, international donor agencies and for profit corporate conglomerates. A management professional by training, he specializes in innovations promoting engagement with donors for furthering social investments and designing volunteering programs and resource mobilization events. He has 9 years of experience in business development, strategic partnerships, resource mobilization and CSR advisory. His areas of interest include development communications, project designing and corporate training on CSR.

Articles by Kartik Ayer:

Transforming lives through employee giving

Posted on: September 09, 2016

Charitable Giving at individual level in India has always been the backbone of Indian culture from times unknown. Earliest known mention of charity as a virtuous practice is in the Rigveda. Since the Vedic period until recently, charitable giving barring… Read More »

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