Radhika Ralhan

Advisor, Innovation for Exponential Impact (IEI)

Radhika Ralhan is a Sociologist and a University Gold Medalist, she holds an M. Phil in Sociology from Delhi School of Economics. She developed her expertise in the realm of sustainability by commencing her professional career with the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Delhi for a EU Commission project. Over the years she has enhanced her insights into the spheres of sustainable service system, corporate sustainable responsibility (as likes to term it), by working with leading organizations such as United Nations Global Compact India, GlobalHunt Foundation and Development Alternatives. She has been actively engaged with the India Inc, guided by a strong mandate of aligning sustainability with core business strategy. She has spearheaded her work in the direction of leading research, policy formulation, reporting, capacity building, devising and implementing sustainable projects . She has taught at prominent universities such as Politecnico Di Milano, Italy, IHM, Pusa, Delhi and Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi and presented her research on sustainable consumption at global forums in Milan and Istanbul. She is an avid social netizen, and is an aspiring potter from the Artisan’s village of Anandgram.

Articles by Radhika Ralhan:

India’s Voice on SDGs : From Impactful to Meaningful Philanthropy

Posted on: January 01, 2018

In the weekly edition of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN SDSN) Members Interview Series, Radhika Ralhan from Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) India gives UN SDSN some insights on her work and advancing the engagement of national stakeholders on the SDGs. Radhika is an Advisor to… Read More »

Generosity in times of Adversity

Posted on: November 11, 2016

The world we live in is witnessing a new form of global crisis, with more than 65 million people displaced from their homes, half of which are children. Around 21.3 million people have been forcefully transformed into refugees and 34,000… Read More »

Transcending towards Systems of Giving: Reflecting on our Roots

Posted on: October 10, 2016

Einstein once said “if you can’t explain it simply, that means you don’t understand it well enough.” I realised to follow the same principle while writing this piece. I am amidst the noise of heavy taxonomies of the modern world… Read More »

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