Vinod Pandey

Team Leader- Programs

Mr Vinod Pandey is a Team leader, Programs at Charities Aid Foundation, India since 26 May, 2015. Previously he was a development management fellow from TATA-DHAN Academy (TDA) with specialization in Natural Resource Management and Development communications. He has a Masters in Entrepreneurship degree from Annamalai University and nearly 7 years of experience with Foundation for Ecological Security ( FES-NDDB), CRS-RCDSSS, and Caritas India where he worked on program development & management as well as resource development. He won the Millennium Alliance innovation award (in 2014 for innovation in developing model of innovative schools for most marginalized people) by Govt of India, FICCI and by USAID. He also co-authored a book on innovative livelihood models which has been published by Access development services in 2012.

Articles by Vinod Pandey:

An inclusive city begins with not just toilets, but good toilets!

Posted on: June 06, 2015

“An inclusive city is one that values all people and their needs equally.”* For any city to be inclusive, there needs to be ‘urine/potty parity’, that is, a sufficient number of toilets for all, including women and disabled citizens. The… Read More »

Menstruation Counts

Posted on: June 06, 2015

During my days in school, I had a huge affinity for science, especially biology but could not completely comprehend the concept of the ‘menstrual cycle’. I grew up in a conservative society where ‘menstruation’ and ‘sanitary pads’ have never resonated… Read More »

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