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Posted by : | Posted on : September 24, 2014

Recent trends and developments at the international and national level have opened up a plethora of challenges as well as opportunities for new collaborations and strategic choices for civil society actors in India. Within this context CAF India‘s strategic and management support to corporates and individuals to ensure greater impact of philanthropic and CSR investments becomes very critical. We have a proven track record of conducting due diligence of non-governmental organizations across India and have won the trust of many individual donors, national and transnational companies, foundations and government institutions. Taking forward our agenda to promote & enhance credibility and competence of the voluntary sector, we have strengthened our NGO Validation & Due Diligence support, with the launch of our validation unit – NGO Validation & Partnerships.

By doing this, we aim to ensure an efficient, impartial and robust review of NGOs’ credentials, capacity and track record. We have conducted extensive research and consultation with various NGO’s and stakeholders to develop methodologies and tools used to carry out validation. This unit would also work towards strengthening the overall organizational and programmatic practices through capacity building and fostering effective partnerships with corporates and other donors. Our donors in turn, would be empowered to identify, select and maintain continued association with credible & competent NGO partners ensuring maximum impact of the funds disbursed.


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