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Posted by : | Posted on : May 2, 2015

Before I talk further about our redesigned website. I would like to thank our partners Amazon India, Coca Cola, HCCBPL, Aircel, Walmart and esteemed board members for coming together to celebrate the launch of our much anticipated redesigned website.

Welcome to our redesigned site !!

After serving more than 17 years in the non-profit sector, we thought that it was time to revamp the old website and replace it with a more fit-for-purpose and user friendly site. This new site gives us a fantastic new platform to build on and as always continue to grow and develop our support for donors as well as NGO and Corporate partners.

We have understood the online landscape and the need to engage our audiences through our dynamic website with technologically equipped platforms. This was a crucial step forward as our revitalize website will provide structured guidance and more information about our work and the development sector.

So What’s new?

There were number of reasons for making improvements, including feedback received from our donors and partners. We’ve introduced :

  • A user-friendly, dynamic and engaging platform to make it easier for you to read and view. The Latest News section will keep you up-to date on what we are up to.
  • More responsive and designed aesthetically, for better navigation and convenient content search.
  • Better cross-linking with CAF India’s communication platforms (social media and blog).
  • WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) AA compliant with improved colours, making it accessible for those with disabilities.
  • HTML 5 technology to render to different screen sizes in tablets and mobile devices.
  • Accessible from all operating systems, including IOS, Android, Windows and other popular browsers.

In order to bring out a website that communicates well with you, CAF India had undergone a series of surveys, workshops and review to make a fit-for-purpose site. We hope that our new redesigned website will allow you to communicate with us more effectively and inspire you to continue giving.

Behind this new website, however, is the same CAF India that you have always known.

We hope that the new website will allow you to communicate with us more effectively and inspire you to continue giving.

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